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Januam Mentoring

Be a digital hero

Experience a transformative journey of resilience where technology, art and group mentoring come together to empower youth while promoting awareness of democracy, media literacy and environmental responsibility through collaborative projects!

Januam Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs

A world of possibilities for youth with migration experience through skill-based group mentoring programs, promoting sustainable inclusion and strengthening social cohesion – where doors to friendships, new experiences, and a sense of belonging are wide open.

New Opportunities

Create New Opportunities

Shape your future in your new country by engaging in social and professional programs that enhance your prospects. Participating in mentoring programs focused on job skills and language acquisition will open up new opportunities for successful integration into the job market.

Integration life

Awareness & Society

Join programs aimed at raising societal awareness on topics such as Misinformation, Disinformation, Malinformation, Democracy,  Social Media Usage, and Cybersecurity.

workshop series


Join our workshops tailored for families, women, and youth, covering bilingual growth, technology and social media usage, resilience building, navigating social life and opportunities in Germany, and fostering intercultural competences. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful integration and thriving in a diverse society


Social Harmony & Diversity

Experience social harmony and diversity through our programs in Darmstadt. Share your skills and experiences, contribute value to society, and connect with inspiring individuals while expanding your linguistic and cultural horizons. Join us on a journey of mutual learning and growth, where every interaction enriches our collective understanding and appreciation of the world around us.

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Discovering Strength in Diversity

Building Bridges of Support: Navigating New Beginnings with Januam

Welcome to Januam, where migration becomes a journey of empowerment and growth! Our story began with a diverse group of individuals who migrated to Germany for various reasons – love, curiosity, freedom, professional goals, and the pursuit of a better life. As we faced and overcame challenges, our paths intersected, giving rise to Januam, a social company born out of the shared vision to support young migrants.

At Januam, we recognize that migration is both an experience of desire and necessity. We understand the need for guidance, support, and assistance in adapting to a new culture. That’s why we’ve come together as a dynamic team to actively offer new perspectives and open doors to personal development with motivation at the core of our mission.

Our focus is on empowering individuals through mentorship, nurturing their interests, and honing their skills. We believe that children and youth, when focused on their personal interests and skill development, become stronger and better equipped to tackle tough situations. By merging mentoring support with individual passions and skill enhancement, we foster resilience. This innovative combination empowers individuals to not only discover their strengths but also confidently face and overcome difficult circumstances.

Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to support each other and spread the spirit of empowerment. At Januam, we believe in actively shaping the future by inspiring confidence, fostering innovation, and nurturing creativity. Together, let’s create a community where every migrant finds the guidance and support they need to thrive in their new home.

Change Makers



Be the hero of positive change! Empower young minds through mentorship and skill development. Your support transforms lives and shapes a community where everyone thrives.

Discover, grow, and shine with Januam! Become the hero of your journey as you explore exciting fields like digital art, technology, and robotics. Express yourself, make friends, and shape your own success story.

Shape confident and resilient future for your youngsters through innovative mentorship and skill development.

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Let´s Dive! Discover coding, tech, art, and robotics in a dynamic community! Unleash creativity, connect with others, and learn new skills.

Become a Mentor

Let´s make learning amazing! Join our team to spread joy, share your knowladge and have a fantastic time guiding these bright monds.

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Help kids smile! Your donation makes learning fun for children and youth. Be a hero of happiness - your gift brings joy and learning to them.

What do I expect as a Januam volunteer?

Volunteering opens diverse perspectives. You can make your ideas come true. You can build your own project. You can have a positive impact on society. You can expand your network to develop together.

Why should I join Januam?

Joining Januam means learning, attending workshops, and making a positive impact. Contribute to our blog, share your work, inform others on diverse topics, edit videos, and help us communicate with institutions.

How can I find my purpose?

Discovering your purpose often involves changing the lives of others. Whether as a team member or mentor, your contribution brings joy and significant impact. Your knowledge not only touches countless lives but also enriches your own. Remember, you are valuable, I am valuable, and together, we create meaningful impact.

What should I do first?

You should only fill out this form to contact us. Januam will get in touch with you.   Learn More

Discover the impact of Januam through firsthand accounts. Our testimonials showcase the empowering journey of skill development, creativity, and personal growth.

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