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Join & Shape the Future

If you’re a believer in the transformative impact of mentorship, here’s your opportunity to pay it forward by sharing your expertise and experiences. As a mentor, you can help guide mentees on their journey to unlocking their full potential. Our skill-based mentoring program is designed to nurture meaningful connections between mentors and mentees, creating an environment where collaborative learning thrives. Join us as a volunteer today and start making a difference in someone’s life!

Become A Volunteer

Process of Becoming A Volunteer


Gıve Us A Thumbs Up

You can contribute to us with your ideas, blog writing, social media, public relations, content creation, language knowledge and any other area that you would like to.


LET’s Defıne your journey

Together with a Januam Assistant, we can discuss how you can contribute. The following are examples of what you can do:

Assist mentoring programs

Present a workshop

Contribute EU/local projects

Take part in community management

Create content for social media

Support our daily tasks

Define and manage your own project


Join Us

We will add value together.


Learn new skills

Attend to Januam workshops and events for a better future, a diverse and a healthy world.


Build a Network

You can participate with us in network activities, learn, and enjoy your time while knowing new people, organizations and learning the social ecosystem to bring your perspective.


Make the world a better place

Make the world a better place together for now and the future generations.

How can I become a volunteer and how does the application process work?

If you want to join Januam as a volunteer, it's important to determine in which areas you can contribute. These areas may include your ideas, blog writing, social media management, public relations, content creation, language skills, and any other talents you may have. To apply, you will typically need to fill out an application form or send an email with your contact information.

In which areas can I contribute and how is it determined?

You can discuss with a Januam assistant to determine the areas where you can contribute. These may include assisting mentoring programs, presenting workshops, contributing to EU/local projects, participating in community management, creating content for social media, supporting daily tasks, and defining and managing your own project.

What tasks and responsibilities will I undertake as a volunteer?

Tasks and responsibilities may vary based on the volunteer's interests, skills, and Januam's needs. You may undertake various tasks such as assisting in mentoring programs, organizing workshops, creating content, participating in community management, and providing support for daily tasks.

Will I receive training and support as a volunteer?

Yes, volunteers at Januam are supported and may have access to training opportunities. Whenever necessary, you can access resources for training and guidance. Additionally, volunteer coordinators or relevant departments are always ready to assist.

Can I network and participate in events as a volunteer?

Yes, volunteers at Januam have opportunities to network and participate in events. You can attend Januam's workshops and events, interact with other volunteers, and build a network by meeting new people and organizations.

How can I make a difference in the world by contributing as a volunteer?

By joining Januam as a volunteer, you can make a difference in the world. You can guide young people through mentoring programs, share your knowledge and experiences by organizing workshops, facilitate community engagement by participating in community management, and raise awareness through social media. In this way, you can contribute to creating a better future for the world.