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Impactful Projects

We change lives through long-lasting cooperations

Collaborative Impact for Inclusive Futures
Januam believes in impactful projects driven by collaboration. Partnering with social and private entities, our group mentoring programs empower children and youth with migration experience through digital skills. Together, we bridge gaps, fostering inclusion and contributing to a more connected world.

Bridging Divides for Brighter Tomorrows
Januam’s competency-based mentoring transcends traditional education. By collaborating with schools, associations, and smart cities, we empower youth, especially those with migration experience, to overcome barriers. Join us in building bridges for a brighter and more inclusive future through digital skills and active community participation.

Uniting for Societal Resilience
Januam extends beyond skill development, aiming for societal integration. Collaborate with us to address challenges faced by children and youth with migration experience. Together, we can promote inclusion, raise awareness on vital issues, and build a more integrated, resilient, and prosperous society.

Impactful Projects

We change lives through long-lasting cooperations


fostering inclusive civic engagement, breaking barriers for equal participation and upholding democratic values.

Digital Media Literacy

Equipping individuals for smart digital navigation, emphasizing critical thinking, and empowering responsible digital citizenship.


Educating on sustainable habits, advocating for climate justice, and promoting community-led conservation for a resilient future.

Collaborative Impact for Inclusive Futures

Learn Future

You acquire skills and knowledge in mentoring to overcome various challenges you face. This will develop the strength and determination you need.

Find Your Friends

While learning, you'll have a great time discovering your interests and skills alongside your new friends. You will learn a lot from each other and enjoy sharing.

Empower Yourself

With a variety of activities such as excursions, workshops, and mixed sessions, you will not only strengthen your skills and interests but also your resilience. 

Share & Act

You will apply your knowledge, create projects, share your development experience, and eventually become an alumnus. Communicate your development.


Listen, Act, Learn.


Finding fun and engaging activities for teenagers during holidays and the school season can be challenging, especially if you have a teenager with an active imagination. As parents, we understand these challenges better than most, which is why Januam offers year-round Mentoring Programs for young people.

With our Mentoring Programs tailored for young individuals, we facilitate 1:1 communication, helping them find friends with shared interests. Additionally, our resilience-supported programs contribute to the development of strong personalities. During school terms, we support their artistic, technological, and personal growth through a mix of online and offline activities. Moreover, during summer vacations, we continue to provide skill-building activities for teenagers through our technology camp mentoring programs.

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