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Januam empowers the society

Bridging Minds, Building Futures.

Januam is dedicated to empowering youth through competency-based mentoring with a focus on digital skills. Beyond fostering inclusivity and bridging communities, we envision a future where young minds contribute impactful ideas and products to democracy, media, and climate initiatives. Our commitment extends to providing workshops and opportunities for families to build a healthy life.

Januam provides an opportunity for newcomers, mentees, families, mentors, social and private organisations to actively contribute to societal development through blogs and workshops. Additionally, we collaborate to provide occupational perspectives for adults, promoting active participation and networking.

Foster social change through collaborations.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Januam is to provide skill-based mentoring programs, both online and onsite, in Germany and across Europe. Januam is dedicated to cultivating the growth of children, youth, and their families through the power of mentorship, aiming to empower individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional journeys.


Januam empowers individuals through skill-based mentoring, driven by values of inclusivity, integrity, collaboration, and innovation. We believe that investing time in mentorship not only cultivates personal growth but also enriches communities, forging a brighter future for everyone.
Our Story

Our Story

Januam's story is rooted in the real experiences of migrants in Germany, inspiring a diverse group to create a non-profit organization. With a focus on skill-based mentoring, Januam aims to bridge gaps, empower individuals, and make a positive impact on lives in Germany and Europe. From ideation to implementation, our journey reflects a commitment to unlocking human potential and fostering inclusive growth.
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A lasting Impact

Measuring the Impact: Building the Future

Discover the power of our mentoring programs, where impact takes center stage. We believe in measurable success, utilizing quality criteria as checkpoints to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of our initiatives. Our programs are designed to be transformative, fostering personal and professional growth. Join us on a journey where every connection creates a positive ripple effect, shaping a stronger and more interconnected community.

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Motivation & Interest

You need guidance, a little touch and help to adapt to the culture and living conditions you move to.

> We all need guidance, a little touch and help to adapt to a new culture

Think of a child who has forgotten his seven years of life because he was not supported and given the opportunity to develop. If we say that moving from one place to another is our destiny as human beings, then we should invest more than ever in these children. They should not live many of their years lost.

These children need to be brave again for big changes in their lives. Their fate and their choices will be the fate of the future world.

Offering these generations new prospects is like opening a new door for them. A door to development and a door to rebuild their lives. For the healthy development of their families, we should also create new opportunities for their families to enter the labour market.

Januam is there to create this environment to increase their chances by providing skills-based mentoring programmes for children, youth, and their families. Januam aims to achieve its goal by bringing together well-educated migrants, indigenous people, social and private institutions: Skills-based mentoring empowered by a resilient mindset.

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Set free your flow

Building New Lives and Meaningful Connections Through Skill-Based Mentoring

Januam was born out of real experiences. These experiences belong to the migrants who have come to Germany in the last ten years. Their personal difficulties and problems with their children, themselves and their environment have convinced some people that all disadvantaged people need professional and regular support.

Januam was founded by four people and built up by seven different characters. In addition, many others have contributed to the idea and improvement of the competence-based mentoring programme. Januam had the opportunity to talk to about 30 different international characters and backgrounds, more than five or six social organisations and about 50 young people and their families to understand their needs, interests and skills.

They all had some fears and some hesitations in their lives: They all want to add value because they know what they could have achieved more if their strengths and skills were more respected, valued and promoted. They also know that most people do not have the resources they have had to develop themselves, and that we have not always had the necessary awareness of the importance of investing in talent development.

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Their will to add value

They moved from one place to another to build a new life from scratch: They had different motives for coming to Europe.

One is for a Master’s degree,
One is for family and university,
One is there to bring her loved ones together, and
One is there to find the meaning of life and
and so on … .

They want to build a new life for their families and they all want to build new meaningful friendships that will last forever.

The idea was first of all to add value with their own experiences. Their migration and their academic/professional backgrounds together create value in themselves. They want to scale the impact of their experiences by creating a non-profit organisation, especially with an international community to experience diversity and make it liveable.

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From idea to implementation “A small team of Januam” has learned a lot.

Especially the participation in the programme of startsocial e.V. helped Januam to work goal-oriented and efficient with a clear plan.

Januam wrote their concept, improved their website with the plan of embedding CRM, register management and data management.

Januam achieved a great impact even in one year and is working smart to achieve her goals.

The desired end state is to establish a sustainable, non-profit social organisation that excels in skills-based mentoring to add value to all.

Januam is here to work with institutions, to help those who need a little touch in their lives and to bring together organisations, families, youth, mentors and volunteers.

Become the One Who is Considered a Hero

  • Quality Education
    We empower youth with essential skills, ensuring a foundation for lifelong success.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
    Januam creates opportunities through collaborative mentoring for professional success

Januam Sustainable Development GOALS

  • Reduced Inequalities

    Our mentorship programs actively bridge communities, promoting inclusivity and equal access.

  • Partnerships for the Goals
    Januam fosters diverse partnerships to amplify the impact of our programs.

Group Mentoring


group mentoring sessions





Learn Future

You acquire skills and knowledge in mentoring to overcome various challenges you face. This will develop the strength and determination you need.

Find Your Friends

While learning, you'll have a great time discovering your interests and skills alongside your new friends. You will learn a lot from each other and enjoy sharing.

Empower Yourself

With a variety of activities such as excursions, workshops, and mixed sessions, you will not only strengthen your skills and interests but also your resilience. 

Share & Act

You will apply your knowledge, create projects, share your development experience, and eventually become an alumnus. Communicate your development.

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