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Java Coding

Preparing Young Minds for the Future with Java Coding!

In the development of the digital age, coding skills are gaining increasing importance.

Not only will learning the basics of computer science pave the road for an amazing future career, but it can help kids develop strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The Januam Coding Mentoring Program will effectively teach fundamental Java coding skills and reinforce them through practical applications.

Coding Programs

Preparing Young Minds for the Future with Java Coding!

Apply Now: Our program runs seamlessly from September to December, March to June, and in summer. Be a part of the mentoring program anytime to unleash your creative potential with your friends – sign up now to design your future!

Meet with your mentoring group and mentor.

Developing a real world project.

Hands-on Coding Session.

Grow with projects & earn the certificate.

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Learn Future

You acquire skills and knowledge in mentoring to overcome various challenges you face. This will develop the strength and determination you need.

Find Your Friends

While learning, you'll have a great time discovering your interests and skills alongside your new friends. You will learn a lot from each other and enjoy sharing.

Empower Yourself

With a variety of activities such as excursions, workshops, and mixed sessions, you will not only strengthen your skills and interests but also your resilience. 

Share & Act

You will apply your knowledge, create projects, share your development experience, and eventually become an alumnus. Communicate your development.

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