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Chess Mentoring Program

Building Strategic Thinkers: Empowering Youth Through Chess

Januam’s chess mentoring program is a special opportunity focused on enhancing the mental and strategic skills of young individuals. This program not only helps young people improve their problem-solving, concentration, decision-making, and strategic thinking skills through playing chess but also encourages them to establish social connections.

Our mentoring program brings together experienced chess players to guide and mentor young individuals. Through group mentoring, young individuals regularly engage in sessions with mentors and peers who share similar interests. These sessions assist young individuals in learning chess strategies, analyzing their games, strengthening strategic thinking, and fostering new friendships.

Enhancing Mental Agility

Developing Lifelong Skills with Januam's Chess Mentoring Program

Januam’s chess mentoring program enables young individuals to boost their confidence, enhance their problem-solving abilities, explore their talents, and establish social connections. Through this program, young individuals not only develop their chess skills but also acquire essential skills for success in life.
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 Our program runs seamlessly from September to December, March to June, and in summer. Be a part of the mentoring program anytime to unleash your creative potential with your friends – sign up now to design your future!

Meet with your mentoring group and mentor.

Delve into 2 month adventure.

Dedicate two hours each week to get ahead. 

Grow with projects & earn the certificate.

Chess Program

Unlocking Potential Through Strategic Play

Januam’s chess mentoring program is not just about learning the game; it’s about unlocking the potential within each young individual. By engaging in strategic play, participants enhance their cognitive abilities, such as critical thinking and problem-solving, while also developing patience and perseverance. These skills are invaluable, transcending the chessboard to impact their academic performance and personal growth. Join us to discover how a simple game of chess can be a powerful tool for shaping a brighter future, fostering not only intellectual growth but also lifelong friendships and a supportive community.

Chess program

Cultivating Leadership and Teamwork

Beyond individual skills, Januam’s chess mentoring program places a strong emphasis on cultivating leadership and teamwork. Through collaborative activities and group mentoring sessions, participants learn the importance of working together towards common goals. This collaborative environment encourages young individuals to take on leadership roles, guiding their peers, sharing insights, and contributing to group strategies. Such experiences are crucial for developing a sense of responsibility, enhancing communication skills, and building confidence in leading teams—qualities that will benefit them in various aspects of their lives.


Holistic Development

The holistic development approach of Januam’s chess mentoring program ensures that participants grow not just as chess players but as well-rounded individuals. By integrating lessons on emotional intelligence, time management, and stress management into the chess curriculum, the program equips young individuals with a diverse set of tools to navigate life’s challenges. These complementary skills help participants maintain a balanced approach to their studies, hobbies, and social interactions, fostering a well-rounded and resilient personality.


Inspiring Lifelong Passion

For many participants, Januam’s chess mentoring program ignites a lifelong passion for chess. The joy of learning, the thrill of competition, and the satisfaction of mastering new strategies often inspire young individuals to pursue chess beyond the program. Whether they choose to compete in tournaments, join chess clubs, or simply enjoy the game as a leisure activity, the skills and experiences gained from the program lay a strong foundation for a lifelong engagement with chess.


Parental Involvement

We recognize the importance of parental involvement in the success of our mentoring program. Januam encourages parents to be active participants in their children's chess journey. Regular updates, workshops, and family events are organized to keep parents informed and engaged. This collaborative approach ensures that parents can support their children’s progress, celebrate their achievements, and reinforce the values and skills learned through the program at home.


Join Our Growing Community

Be a part of Januam’s vibrant and growing community. Our chess mentoring program is more than just an extracurricular activity—it’s a movement towards building a generation of strategic thinkers, confident leaders, and compassionate individuals. We invite you to join us and experience the transformative power of chess. Sign up today and take the first step towards a brighter, more strategic future.


Future Opportunities

Participation in Januam’s chess mentoring program opens doors to future opportunities. Graduates of our program often find themselves better prepared for academic challenges, extracurricular leadership roles, and even scholarship opportunities that value strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. The skills honed through chess—critical thinking, foresight, and resilience—are highly regarded in many fields, providing our participants with a competitive edge in their future endeavors.

Januam Chess Mentoring Program

Join us to create lasting memories, achieve personal growth, and build a strong foundation for lifelong success.

By engaging with Januam’s chess mentoring program, you are investing in a future where young minds are not only trained to think strategically but are also prepared to lead with confidence and empathy. 

Learn Future

You acquire skills and knowledge in mentoring to overcome various challenges you face. This will develop the strength and determination you need.

Find Your Friends

While learning, you'll have a great time discovering your interests and skills alongside your new friends. You will learn a lot from each other and enjoy sharing.

Empower Yourself

With a variety of activities such as excursions, workshops, and mixed sessions, you will not only strengthen your skills and interests but also your resilience. 

Share & Act

You will apply your knowledge, create projects, share your development experience, and eventually become an alumnus. Communicate your development.