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Become a Mentor and Change Lives

MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT : Join & Shape the Future

If you believe in the power of mentorship to make a difference, you can guide your mentees and help them reach their full potential by sharing your knowledge and experiences. Our skill-based mentoring program fosters strong and meaningful connections between mentors and mentees, offering enriching experiences for both parties. Januam contributes to the mentees’ development by creating a collaborative learning environment and allows mentors to gain new perspectives. Join us in mentoring and enjoy the fulfillment of sharing your expertise and making a difference in the lives of others.


Process of Becoming A Mentor


First Contact

Easily register through our user-friendly form. It only takes 2 minutes!

Choose from a variety of available programs that align with your skills and interests. Don't worry, you can always switch before the program begins. Registration is quick and non-binding.


Video Call / Onsite Meeting

Learn more about our programs in detail during our info sessions.

Join program-specific communication channels after the session to stay connected.


Onboarding & Mentoring Training

If you decide to become a mentor, you attend to an onboarding session.

After completing onboarding, you take participate in Januam Mentoring Training.


Meet with your mentoring group

Connect with your mentoring group and peer mentees after the mentoring training.


Experience, Learn and ENJOY!

Dive into planned mentoring sessions based on the program timeline and syllabus.

Collaborate with experienced mentors and fellow mentees on exciting projects.


Share your journey and discovery

Encourage your mentoring group to showcase their creativity and innovation by presenting their works to others.

Inspire fellow mentees and mentors with your unique contributions.

How can I show my interest in any mentoring program?

Via mentoring application form you will be able to select your area of interest as mentoring.

Can I meet online to become a mentor after the first contact? Can I meet in person to become a mentor after the first contact?

We can meet online. After your first contact via mentor application form we will determine a date and time to meet online. We will share with you video call link. We can meet in person when you live in Darmstadt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt or in the vicinity. Otherwise we suggest that we meet online.

What should I understand from the onboarding process?

We will meet online / onsite to introduce Januam and Januam Mentoring Flow. You will learn more about your role as a mentor, skill based mentoring and the culture of Januam. the advantages of becoming a mentor at Januam. 

How will I determine my mentoring group? Which languages can mentees speak?

You will collaborate with Januam on this matter. You can mentor in any language of your choice according to your skills and preferences. Januam adopts an equal approach to world languages.

How can I share my experience?

You can describe your experiences and your mentoring program in program reviews, blog posts and podcasts.

How can I apply to Januam as a Mentor?

You can apply to become via mentor application form. . FORM LINK