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Healthy Journey

Nutrition and Holistic Health for Migrant Women Project

MiA courses offer tailored support for migrant and refugee women, focusing on their unique life situations. With low-threshold language assistance and relevant topics, these courses empower women to discover their potential and access further services. Designed with manageable 34-hour durations and proximity to home, they are perfect integration solutions for women with childcare responsibilities or those seeking confidence in participating in integration programs. Funded by the BAMF.

Welcome to our “Healthy Journey” project, tailored specifically for migrant women, now transitioning into an online adventure! Dive into a 34-hour immersive experience where we delve into the realm of healthy and mindful living. Explore a wealth of content covering macro and micronutrients, effective meal planning strategies, deciphering food labels, and embracing seasonal, vibrant nutrition in an interactive format.

Join us to craft sustainable wellness routines and engage in collaborative cooking sessions featuring wholesome recipes. Let’s embark on this journey towards optimal health and well-being together!

Beyond Nutrition

Advanced Topics in Health Exploration

Embark on an enriching journey into holistic health with our project, delving deeper into advanced topics beyond nutrition. Over 34 hours of engaging online sessions, we’ll explore stress management techniques, optimizing sleep patterns, incorporating physical activities, nurturing relationships, and acclimating to social life in Germany.

Through interactive workshops and insightful discussions, we’ll delve into diverse aspects of holistic wellness, from understanding gut health’s impact on our overall well-being to effective weight management strategies and stress-coping mechanisms. Gain practical knowledge and actionable insights to enhance your holistic health and lead a fulfilling life.

New Beginnings for Migrant Women

Who Should Participate?

Our project is designed for participants who want to improve themselves in the following areas for this intensive experience that will take place online and last for 34 hours:

– learn how to eat a healthy and balanced diet

– Tired of gaining and losing weight

– Those who want to protect their mental health and learn stress management

– Those who want to cope with chronic fatigue and replenish energy

– Those struggling with digestive problems

– People with eating disorders

This project aims to bring a comprehensive perspective on health, balance and conscious living into the lives of the participants. Take a step towards a healthy and conscious life with the “Healthy Journey” project!

Learn Future

You acquire skills and knowledge in mentoring to overcome various challenges you face. This will develop the strength and determination you need.

Find Your Friends

While learning, you'll have a great time discovering your interests and skills alongside your new friends. You will learn a lot from each other and enjoy sharing.

Empower Yourself

With a variety of activities such as excursions, workshops, and mixed sessions, you will not only strengthen your skills and interests but also your resilience. 

Share & Act

You will apply your knowledge, create projects, share your development experience, and eventually become an alumnus. Communicate your development.



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