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STEM Robotic – Beginner Level – 11-14 Ages


Januam is introducing a specialized Robotics mentoring program tailored for kids aged 11 to 14. Limited spots are available.

  1. Januam Robotics Mentoring: Tailored mentoring program for children aged 11 to 14. Secure one of the limited spots now!
  2. Explore the World of Robotics: Dive in together and discover the exciting world of robotics. Enhance your comprehension by engaging in hands-on programming activities. Tackle real-world challenges using robotics.
  3. Advance Through Projects: Join your mentoring group and mentor for an enriching journey. Progress by dedicating two hours weekly. Evolve through project-based learning and earn your certification.
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Unlock the power of robotics for youth! Similar to learning a foreign language, unlocking new cultures and connections allows individuals to communicate with machines and understand the language of automation.

In a world where robotics is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, learning robotics programming fosters creativity and problem-solving skills. Our Robotics Mentoring Program encourages the next generation of innovators to explore, create, and revolutionize technology!

  • Program Title: Robotik Mentoring
  • Objective: Our Robotics Mentoring Program aims to teach children basic robotics programming skills while enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Through interactive projects, they’ll develop digital skills vital in today’s world.
  • Fun Element: Participants will enjoy creatively designing robots and engaging in hands-on activities, making learning enjoyable and fostering imagination.
  • Level: Beginner
  • Program Duration: May – June – July 2024
  • Format: Online sessions
  • Introduction Workshop: Be published on social media (@januammentoring)
  • Participant Age: 11 – 14 years old
  • Total Sessions: 16 mentoring sessions
  • Requirements: A computer or Laptop – Robotic Kits
  • Cost: Free (donations appreciated for program continuation)

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May 2024

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