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Süleyman Akbulut

Digital Marketing Assistant
9 Years
+49 (0) 176 76642122

Süleyman Akbulut Biography

I hold bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and International Relations. For my computer engineering senior project, I worked on speech recognition. Currently, I am pursuing academic research in artificial intelligence.
Subsequently, I made a transition to the business world and worked as an E-commerce Manager and Purchasing Officer at Elektromar. Here, I gained experience in E-commerce management, marketing strategies, and logistics management. Following that, I joined Hesap Kitap as an Information Technology Expert, where I managed the E-commerce team and provided training. I utilized Agile leadership practices while collaborating with my team.

Currently, I am employed as a Social Media Manager at a non-profit organization in Germany. I voluntarily contribute to the establishment phase of social media activities. I excel in social media management, digital project planning, and video editing.

My skill set encompasses video editing, programming, product management, digital project management, social networking, as well as budgeting and scheduling management. Additionally, I hold certifications in Agile Project Management and Occupational Health and Safety.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work across different sectors and develop my leadership skills. I possess a flexible, team-oriented, and adaptable leadership style. I place great importance on continuous learning and self-improvement.

With my professional experience and competencies, I have a proven track record of contributing to successful projects in diverse sectors. Currently, I am engaged in a project that focuses on the practical utilization of productive artificial intelligence, establishing AI teams within companies, and exploring tailored applications to meet specific needs.

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