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Serkan Tezgel

Founder/General Manager
From the vibrant streets of Istanbul to the dynamic rhythm of New York, and now nestled in the tranquil embrace of a German village, my journey paints a picture of colorful harmony. As the founder of Januam, I strive to orchestrate a symphony of support and empowerment, weaving together diverse voices and talents to create a society where everyone's melody can be heard and celebrated.
15 Years
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Serkan Tezgel

A journey that started in Istanbul, went to New York, then back to Istanbul, and finally settled in Germany – a small village that unexpectedly became a new home. Along the way, short visits to different parts of Europe, the Black Sea and the MENA countries – like little snacks that add some extra flavour to this journey.
Living, travelling and studying on three different continents naturally provided intercultural skills. The hustle and bustle of Istanbul, the lessons from professionals in New York, and 14 years of working life all combined to shape the early years.
However, the move to Germany marked a significant shift in both personal and professional development. Understanding the culture and social life here offered a new perspective. It went beyond observing the challenges faced by migrants – it became a lived experience, as parents building a new life from scratch.
Two main challenges emerged: supporting children and building a new professional life. These challenges prompted action, the initiation of efforts to contribute to a better future for Germany and Europe.
In this new chapter of my life, I’m focusing on building connections and networks that improve society while I’m committed to transforming Januam into an organisation that is really good at providing skills-based mentoring programmes for young people and helping adults enter the job market. Adding value is a big part of my commitment and I’m always working to develop myself.
As a parent, friend, partner and someone who wants to make a positive difference, I’m here for those who have embarked on the challenging but rewarding journey of migration. Let’s work together to improve society, both socially and economically.

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